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Hair Replacement Services
Whether you’ve recently experienced a sudden baldness or are just looking to revamp your look, there are many options available for hair replacement services. Hair replacement services are nonsurgical and involve fitting new hair to areas with thin or no hair. Licensed barbers and cosmetologists complete advanced training in hair replacement services. By restoring a client’s hairstyle, hair replacement services offer the potential to achieve the look of your dreams, no matter your age, ethnicity, or condition.

During the procedure, the doctor will use a specialized technique to create a natural-looking hairline that looks and feels completely natural. The hairline of real growing hair is often a little thinner at the front, with a subtle graduation of density moving towards the crown. The amount of density required to replace hair is unique to each individual, but in most cases, one or two sessions are all that’s required to get a natural-looking, full look.

The procedure itself takes around four to five hours, depending on the number of grafts that need to be placed. The procedure requires local anesthesia and is performed under a microscope. The scalp is numb to prevent infection, and the grafts are placed into the tiny slits made by the surgeon with a microblade. After the procedure, patients are sent home with specific post-treatment instructions. For example, they should wash their hair the day after the procedure.

Another option for hair replacement services is hair transplant. Although these two procedures have similar benefits, they are quite different. In fact, the benefits of hair restoration are more obvious than the disadvantages. Depending on your condition, hair restoration may be the best option for you. Despite the similarities between these two procedures, you should not assume that either is right for you. Just as with any surgical procedure, there are pros and cons to each option. You can find a hair transplant clinic near you by browsing online.

A doctor with experience in hair restoration can offer you the best treatment. Dr. Robert True and Dr. Robert Dorin specialize in hair restoration. The doctors will administer an anesthetic to your scalp during your treatment. The procedure can last anywhere from five to eight hours, depending on the extent of your hair loss. Some patients require multiple sessions to achieve their desired results. They can expect to experience minimal downtime. So, don’t delay your hair replacement services just yet.

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