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The Department of Science & Technology plays a pivotal role in the promotion of Science and Technology in India. Today, it offers support to various educational institutions and even individuals who are pursuing professional programs related to the study of science. Today, this department is full of great and efficient people who are dedicated to promoting the science and technology in the society.

The department has established and manages the website called which is an innovative website that is dedicated to promoting science and technology in India. This website brings about a new dimension into the old concepts of promoting and implementing the technology in the society. This innovative and novel concept has attracted many people in terms of receiving the services of the latest devices and equipments that are developed by the scientists in the department.

The website is the most modern way of providing and supporting the latest technology in phones and other gadgets like; laptops, monitors, laptops with triple cameras, electric and hybrid cars etc. These gadgets, products and equipments have been developed by the team of the department and are being sold in various online portals. The department has set up this website to provide more information regarding these products and equipment to the general public.

The website helps in organizing several exciting activities and contests for all those people who are interested in exploring the wonders of these modern gadgets. It also helps in spreading the awareness about the benefits and features of these devices. Through this website, one can also find out the latest and upcoming trends in science and technology. This means that there is a lot of information available on the website for the visitors and those who are trying to promote their career in science and technology in India.

The web page of this website highlights about the use of cellphones with triple cameras. It has an interesting section about the range of latest gadgets like laptops with triple cameras, laptops with widescreen LCD displays, digital cameras etc. This page also provides details about the latest medical imaging devices like CT, MRI, ultrasounds etc.

There is an interesting section on the electric car that is continuously upgraded and improved. The section also gives the details about electric hybrid cars, electric motors, batteries and many more electronic devices. The department has listed down some of the major topics that are developing in the society. The users of this website can find out the latest information about these topics on this website.

The department of Science & Technology has also managed to establish its reputation in offering cutting edge technology to the public through the website named jalanteknologi. It can be said that this site not only offers the latest technological equipments and gadgets but also encourages the citizens to educate themselves about the best solutions to the problems related to healthcare and technology. It tries to introduce different educational programs and aims to spread knowledge about the latest in science and technology that is applicable to the present times.

The department of Science & Technology is willing to share its knowledge and creativity to the general public for the development of new breakthroughs in the field of science and technology. It wants to work with all the interested organizations and individuals and provide them with the latest equipments and gadgets related to the science and technology. It also supports the students and professionals in conducting research for promoting and inventing innovative inventions in the world of science and technology.

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